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But isn't Medicaid just for the poor? No not nesseraly, Medicaid rules are such that with proper planning even a well to do person can benefit from Medicaid.
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What Medicaid Allows:
Community Spouse Maximum Resource Allowance: $119,220
Individual receiving care: $2,000
Couple receiving care: $3,000
Maximum Income for person receiving care: $2,199
Personal Needs allowance $105 in Skilled Nursing

The programs accepted in Lee and Charlotte County and what they pay towards an Assisted Living:
American Elder Care-$1,000 Assisted Living - $1,300 for a dementia specific memory care unit.
Sunshine State-$1,100 All inclusive
United Health Care-$35.00 a day All inclusive

These funds are only used for care level and NOT room and board

An easy way to protect your assets from Medicaid is to prepay your funeral. This can be done by purchasing an insurance policy specifically for your final expenses. If this policy is irrevocably assigned to a funeral provider or Trust, the provider or Trust will hold these funds and pay the provider of funeral services for you. If you prepay your funeral in accordance with Medicaid rules, it is a lawful way to reduce your assets, a key part of making you eligible for Medicaid assistance. Some of the benefits of an irrevocable funeral trust:
Policy benefits are income tax exempt
No attorney fees, the trust is already established
Applicants are not required to go to a funeral home
The funeral trust is portable to any funeral home in all 50 states
Excess policy benefits are paid to the Estate of the insured
Funds used for funeral expenses cannot be attached by creditors
In Florida you can fund your funeral trust with up to $15,000 each thereby reducing your assets from Medicaid spend down.
I can assist you in establishing a qualified Irrevocable Funeral Trust with a simple 1 page application, no health questions and guaranteed issued up to age 99.

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